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An Apple a Day Goes a Long Way! Add in Some Vitamin C for a Big Immunity Boost.

Every cell in the body relies on an ongoing detoxification process to function. Just like our bodies, cells bring in many different types of nutrients and other products to strive to maintain some sort of equilibrium in addition to eliminating waste and unneeded cellular material. Optimizing your boy's cellular processes is crucial in obtaining maximum health.

This is where the apple a day comes into play!

Whether consumed whole or in a smoothie, an apple provides a substance called pectin which is a type of much needed soluble fiber and has been shown effective in optimal gut health in humans (Shinohara, Ohashi, Kawasumi, Terada, & Fujisawa, 2010). Further research findings indicate that the consumption of apple pectin (an apple a day!) played a significant role in improving gastrointestinal health (Licht et al., 2010). As a result, improved digestion means better nutrient absorption to give your cells the materials needed to function properly and to detox efficiently.

Now add in some lemon juice to your daily routine!

Lemon juice contains a powerful antioxidant (vitamin C) known to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system (Amir Aslani & Ghobadi, 2016). Reduced inflammation responses within your body and a healthy, happy immune system allow your cells to function without the stress-load of a body using valuable energy fighting against itself. So squeeze away!

Apple + Lemon = Easy Power-Packed Immununity Supportive Nutrition

Adding an apple and some lemon juice into your day is a simple way to add soluble fiber and a powerful antioxidant into your routine. The apple pectin assists in quick yet efficient absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Lemon aids in digestion and helps regulate pH in the digestive system along with adding a daily dose of power-packed vitamin C that your immune system LOVES.

Make sure you choose high quality, organic apples, and lemons. And of course, mixing up your food intake routine is important as well as eating seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables, along with testing for food sensitivities (let me know how I can help you with this!). Enjoy apples and lemons while knowing both are beneficial in aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and increasing nutrient absorption. As a result, you are making all those trillions of cells in your body happily detox away!

So take a bite and pucker up!


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